We support 10 foreign missionaries, 2 local missions, 2 Bible colleges, 2 children’s homes, and 2 United States missionaries. Following are their names and a brief description of their work. There are email and website links wherever possible.

Walter Smith continues to work at West African Christian Mission in Nigeria. As part of its outreach, the mission offers medical care for both Christians and non-Christians. There is a Bible correspondence course and literature distribution program. Materials are printed in English as well as Yoruba (the native language). Nigerian leaders now are able to assume more of the initiative for the work of evangelism and leadership training.
Brazil Christian Mission has been in existence serving the Lord for many years. When the Sanders went to Brazil in 1948, they were the first Christian missionaries ever there. Their purpose has always been to evangelize, disciple converts, and to establish self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating churches in the New Testament pattern. Churches have started in Brasilia, Ceilandia, and Novo Oriente. The Brasilia church is beginning to send missionaries to other countries where Americans have difficulty entering, but Brazilians have easy access. The Sanders have established a Health Medical-Dental Clinic trailer, social activity farms (containing a school and homes for the elderly), and the Brazil Christian College. They conduct worship services every Sunday. starjoy@hotmail.com
Danny & Janet’s mission for many years has been to carry out Christ’s Great Commission — “going (to make disciples), baptizing, teaching,” — in a Chinese context. Based in Hong Kong, they have been involved in this personally as well as in training others. CNM4jc@pacific.net.HK
Charles & Jessie Lee Troyer went to Italy in 1953. They began their work in Lecce in 1954. They held Bible School and church services in their home until 1957 when a church was rented. In 1980 a church location and apartment for the Troyers was purchased. Another part of their ministry has been a Christian Service camp for churches in southern Italy. Charles passed away in July 1988. Since that time, Jessie Lee with the help of Pino Neglia and other faithful leaders have carried on the work of the Lord. Pino attended Cincinnati Bible College for one year to prepare him for full-time service as an evangelist. The work areas of Lecce Christian Mission are as follows: teaching and preaching in the Church of Christ in Lecce, teaching in the Southern Bible College, personal evangelism, Bible studies, evangelism campaign in public squares, conference in public halls, writing, translation, publication of articles for Christian journals, teaching in Christian Service camps. Pino has also made many trips to Romania and Albania. He holds seminars on the Bible helping to train leaders. Correspondence courses are available. CHCR.lecce@tiscalinet.it
Jim & Becky Newman have been sharing the Good News of Christ and training Christian leaders in Australia. After establishing a self-supporting church in Toowoomba, they are in the early days of a new church plant. The Eastern Downs Church of Christ is doing very well. Becky is doing substitute teaching; she is also in charge of Women’s Activities for the church. Jim makes a yearly trip to the Philippines to teach at the International Christian College of Manila. Jim teaches at Southern Cross Bible Institute. Classes are held in the Newcastle area of New South Wales four times per year. The Newman’s son, Daniel, and his wife, Samantha, will be joining them this fall. They will work with the youth, music program and evangelism. Jim@scmaustralia.net
In 1964 the Cuyler family left Michigan to establish the Medical Evangelism in Mexico. They settled in the village of Matehuala in the state of San Luis. Medical and spiritual help is given to those who come to the clinic every day. Garnet is a licensed midwife and has delivered thousands of babies through the clinic. People will walk miles even though ill to have Garnet help them. She holds Sunday school and church services in her home. She also conducts a youth group on Wednesday nights and a prayer meeting. There is also a house up in the mountains at Zaragoza where she goes every other week and holds services and attends to medical problems. She manages to maintain 2 churches and 2 clinics. She also makes border trips to get supplies sent to her, teaches women’s Bible classes, prepares curriculum and crafts for 2 VBS. She oversees building projects and fix-ups, hosts mission teams and Bible College students who come to help in the summer. Garnet has experienced serious health problems of her own, but she is compelled to continue because she loves the Lord and wants others to know Him.
Ruth Smith was one of the very first missionaries to go to the Philippines after World War II. She worked in Manila for 10 years then moved to Davao City, Island of Mindanao. Because of the dire need for well-trained Christian workers, Davao Bible Seminary was founded in October 1956. She worked there until illness caused her death in July 1985. The work continues under the direction of Elpidio Batalla and Remedios P. Lamayo. A Christian school, dorms and nursery school have been added. Many Churches of Christ are now active and busy with Bible studies, evangelistic meetings, and revival meetings. Christian education seminars are held training more leaders for the churches in leadership and stewardship. The political climate in the Philippines is one of violence and unrest. Please pray for peace and tranquility for these Christians
The Lofts became the first missionaries from the Church of Christ in the Amazon Valley in 1952. They worked there for 6 years until they were called to pioneer the work in Brasilia. They labored there for 11 years. From there they went to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic before settling in Southeastern Spain in 1986. Bill Loft passed away in 1989, and his wife, Ginny, carried on the work. Now in poor health herself, Ginny is living in the U.S. The mission is being run by Erik Gutierrez and his family. Many positive changes have occurred for the churches in Spain. They are now able to register the church which gives them the right to put up a sign and include the times they meet. Bibles are now being sold on the open market in Spain. Bill Loft Missions is a strong team comprised of Americans, Spaniards and Brazilians which helps them reach out to many people. The team presents Bible studies for men and women, conducts church services, teaches the need for Christian marriage, baptism, trains new mothers to care for their babies and many other duties.
Laverne Morse has always desired to serve the Lord. He began his first missionary term at the age of 21. Because of his dedication the Gospel is being proclaimed and souls are being won in Thailand, Burma, Communist China, N. E. India, Laos and Cambodia. The goal of Asia Christian Services is to contact, recruit, train and equip Asian missionaries to spread the Gospel and win lost souls to Christ. Most areas in Asia being reached by this strategy are places where American missionaries are not allowed to reside. The Asian missionaries are free to go to these areas. Many doors are opening and tribes are being reached. Gospel Broadcasting Mission has been a big help with their radio messages in the tribes’ own languages.
In 1952 Gospel Broadcasting began in nearby Garrett, Indiana. Its goal is to work with missionaries, foreign workers, and evangelists to expand their effectiveness through radio broadcasting. GBM purchases radio time and helps start, fund, and support Christian broadcasts around the world. Gospel Broadcasting Mission and Christian’s Hour Broadcasting Association have joined forces. They believe this makes better stewardship of the Lord’s money and enables them to offer better programs at home and abroad. The Christian Hour is broadcast over many stations here in America every Sunday morning. www.gospelbroadcastingmission.org
ACT began in 1973 on the Bowling Green State University campus. Soon after that the University of Toledo also had an ACT group. ACT has always been in the business of training leaders for the church and bringing people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years the students have been on mission trips to Haiti, Jamaica and Boston. They are also involved in community service projects. They hold several Bible studies each week as well as offering a worship service on each campus. David Warner is the current campus minister at Bowling Green, and Dan Wearsch is at Toledo. ACT hosts food cook